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Coombeshead Academy Remote Login
Remote Login allows the use of applications and files as if you were sat at a computer in school. All you need is a computer running a Windows operating system and an internet connection.  Access to the Coombeshead Academy remote servers is for current staff and students only.  You will require a current valid domain login in order to access the servers.

Log On Log On

* Please note Microsoft Office is no longer available to students via remote login due to changes in Microsoft Licensing. If you need to use Office you can purchase a copy at student price from here or alternatively download OpenOffice for FREE.

  • If you can't logon try putting coombeshead\ infront of your username
  • If your password has already expired you can attempt to logon using your expired password.  You will then be prompted to set a new one.

For further help see our Remote Login step by step guide here

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